Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 6 Sea world

The day at Sea World was drove from Mullumbimby to Surfers Paradise - we managed to gain and lose an hour during the day or was that lose and gain, either way meant that we didn't have to get up so early.

The whole day was tremendous it is difficult to identify and pin-point the best parts following are a couple of the highlights.

Generally there is a large amount of environments for reef fish, sharks, rays and the like that you can view both under the water level and in rock pools. There is even the places where you can pat some sting rays, I found them to be interesting as they were slimy.

We then looked at Polar Shores where there was a large polar bear that was swimming in the water doing summersaults. The bears are amazingly large and strong.

The Imagine dolphin show was amazing to watch. They are very intelligent and I wonder who is smarter? them or us? The show was may have been very routine for them, but they seemed to not have any hesitation doing 'Tricks' .

Then we decided to go on some rides these rides involved getting wet and going up and down steep hills boo boo thought that this was scary but it was good fun.

The two rides that we went on were called Bermuda triangle and Vikings revenge flume, fortunately for me the Jet Ski rescue and new roller coaster were not running so Simon couldn't drag me on them.

After all that wandering around the heat was getting a little to much so we decided to take on the Water park and played on the slides including the Tube ride pictured - Boo boo even had lots of fun on them, and went on them all more than once even tho there were queues.

Even if that did cost the frugal caravaners another $10.00 - on the costs the best way to get tickets is if you are a part of an organisation such as the RACV we saved about $15 for the day pass (for 2) and of course they manage to suck that all back with the extras such as 'can not take food' etc. However enough of the whine about cost, sometimes you just have to do it and ensure that you enjoy the day which we did!!

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  1. Well wanders will never cease you admiting that some times payong out money can be fun well done. It sounds like you had a wonderful time .