Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday a trip planning?

Holiday a trip planning?

Which way to go? – I find that the only way short of the expensive and messy (and error prone) way of buying maps - scrap paper, calculator and a fare deal of guess work is all resolved with everyone's friend 'Google' specifically Google maps.

This wonder of the modern world allows careful planning and detailed routes to be planned all from the comfort of the lounge room. We like to moderate our days travel to about 400-500 when in the outback or under 400 on the coast due to hills. Maps - allow searching for parks and the like in the area what's more 'street view' gives an impression of the park to see what is around and if it looks ok.

We like inland as it is quieter and you guessed it 'Cheaper' the average that we will be paying on the inland route to Mullimbimby will be $22~ the coast route would be costing at least double that per night...

Not only that the distance is shorter - roads mostly flatter so this all ads up to less spent on items that we don't need to waist on and maybe a little more on items we want to enjoy.

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