Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peak hill to Tamworth Day 3

Morning started with early to rise then we set off to Dubbo, arriving at Dubbo we were able to look around the town, fill with gas then headed off to Gilgandra.

At Gilgandra, we stopped at the information centre and looked at the coo wee exhibition about the soldiers who marched of parts of country New South Wales into Sydney to join the forces fighting in WW1.

From Gilgandra we travelled to Coonabarabran was interesting with the large amounts of water on the side of the road I believe that 75% of the water was absorbed into the ground, the roads, rivers and paddocks were surrounded with water.

We stopped for lunch at Coonabarabran for lunch in the van then it was off to Gunnedah.

I wanted to see the big tractor at Gunnedah but we were disappointed because we could not find it.

I needed a cup of tea before Tamworth so we decided that we stop at a small town called Sommerton, we parked the van at the town hall because there was no rest stop.

We could hear loud music playing from an old house there so we walked around the front of the town hall to see all of the names of those who from the town went to war and it was amazing how many of the same family went to serve in both wars from this little town.

The man who was playing the music asked us to stay with him and celebrate his birthday with him we politely declined then headed to Tamworth.

We made it to Tamworth in the late afternoon backed the van on the site because we were late arriving there we set up then went straight to the Golden Guitar.

We then looked around the town for a while before returning to the van for a feast of Pork Chops, salsa and salad.

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  1. It is good to see my boo amd my lumpy having a good time it was a shame you did not get to see the big tractor but maybe next time love the mamma. Miss you