Thursday, January 7, 2010

Armidale to Gulgong Part 2

After filling with LPG I said to Simon to try the car on petrol so to preserve some LPG, as there is none available between Merriwa and Wellington via Gulgong. There was one small problem the car stalled we switched to run on petrol. The car will still run on LPG but the car needs petrol in the mornings from cold.

We were a little concerned about that so we thought a treat of dinner out so when we arrived in Gulgong we looked for the caravan park (some of these towns could do better with some signage - however at least it was better than Tamworth with signs in yellow on dark blue at ground level in the middle of the streets) so for the first time ever we just parked the van site and connected the utilities and went out for dinner. No making the bed, tiding up or nothing... but a shower and freshen up.

Having decided that we would have dinner and as we noticed that the Gulgong RSL club had signage on the way to the park for raffles and cheap meals for members so we assumed that we would get good value for money. We were not disappointed, we were sitting having dinner then we had a couple of raffle tickets for a rare change our number was called for a a six pack of beer and some prawns. We left the prawns with the staff as the freezer in the van doesn't cope with these sorts of things.

We were very impressed with the town and the preservation of the historic appeal of the main streets and feel of the town, looks as this will have to be on the list of a future route on another trip.

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