Thursday, January 7, 2010

The waterfall way from Coffs Habour to Armidale

The Waterfall Way runs about 160km up from the coast south of Coffs Habour to Armidale in the Great Dividing Range in Central NSW. There are several lovely towns to pass through along the way including Bellingen and Dorrigo we were interested in the size of the local towns.

The first part of the climb after passing through Bellingen takes you past the Waterfalls that the 'run' is known with spectacular views back to the coastline that was just visible.

We stopped at the only Parking bay where the largest of the waterfalls was, the fall was beautiful and it was nice to allow things in the car to cool down a little as the climb is quite steep.

Continuing through Dorrigo and a couple of other whistle stop localities or villages we pulled in for a much needed a cup of tea at Ebor falls, there was after the considerable ammount of rain a good amount of water going over the falls.

We pulled into a caravan park at Armidale to find that we did not book there but at another park. After trying to call the other park – with no response it was decided that we would take the site that was on offer.

The park we stayed at was the Highlander Van Village in Armidale, the owner of the park was very knowledgeable and professional. The standard of the facilities were quite good they were very clean and well presented, we would recommend the park to anyone for short or longer term.

Whilst we were setting up camp we discovered that the Left hand hubcap was missing and indeed the grease cap was missing and the wheel baring exposed! but this is the subject of the next post.

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