Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh No! What are we going to do now?

What a disaster I am thinking as I am looking at the tyre on the left hand side of the caravan. The old holden hubcap has come off and the grease cap has disappeared leaving the bearings of the caravan exposed.

Whilst I was looking at the damage Simon has been to the office to ask the owner about who he thinks that we should take the van to he recommends a local mechanic that he uses. He said that he will call them at 8 am and when we go to mention where we were from.

Arriving at the mechanics we were asked to back the van into the compound so that the damage can be assessed. It all turns out that we were fortunate that the van was damaged as not only did the bearings need repacking, the rim on the same tyre that was inspected was extremely cracked to the point that there is several centimeters before it is cracked all the way through - where we could have been stuck on the same side of the road... or worse, so we would recommend that you check your rims on older vans.

Our thanks the staff from Bob Greenes Auto Repairs at Armidale for their help in fixing out problem. They were most helpful and explained to us what the problems were and what was needed to fix it.

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