Friday, January 8, 2010

The car will not start

The morning came and the car would not annoying... here we go again.
We cranked the car and no... I tried the normal number for the RACV no luck as it was too early to call to the RACV whilst I was looking for the RACV Total Care number Simon found it on his iPhone - it turns out that the RACV rings the NRMA and they turn up.

We had the feeling that we would be stuck so better to be stranded in a caravan park where it is safe rather than on the side of the road... breakfast was made out of what was in the cupboard while we were waiting for the NRMA to come.

The mechanic who arrived did his best to isolate and resolve the problem - we ended up with the last resort option, size 3 hammer with a couple of well directed hits under fuel tank and presto! the car started and switch to GAS. To be sure that we could continue and leave town we left the car running while the quickest packup of the caravan happened.

We left town happy - and when we arrived in Wellington with some LPG in the tank and filled up I was a little more relaxed as to have a full tank of LPG in the tank.

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