Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a hard life!

A weekend in paradise begins with having to get out of bed on a Saturday morning, apart from thinking what time it is and what's for breakfast the most important issue is to think is who is making the next cup of tea.

The next issue is the housekeeping because after all caravanners know that after a few days benches need to be wiped and fridges need to be cleaned, washing to be done after doing all of this we felt a sense of accomplishment.

We then traveled to Byron Bay, the parking gods must have been shining on our path as we had the spot at the beginning of the walking track, then trekked up to the lighthouse. On the very steep walk about half way up we saw a lookout to the most Eastern point in Australia. Then we walked up to the lighthouse took some pictures and enjoyed a scoop of Byron Bay Ice-cream in a waffle cone Yum!

Simon and Leigh at the most easterly point

Lighthouse entry back to the keepers house
On Saturday night we enjoyed another dinner at the Mullumbimby RSL in the company of our good friends and a small flutter on the pokies.

Sunday morning began with a sleep in and porridge with brown sugar and banana. I decided that we should look at the town of Nimbin to see what all the fuss was about. The drive was lovely across the Jerusalem Range to Uki then on to Nimbin after an obligatory 'cuppa' on route.

It is still an interesting town with a good community sprit a small amount of peace and love in the air Nimbin is much like any other place out this way trying to make a dollar from the tourist trade. Simon was even offered by some lovely locals the 'Fruits' of the valley - which were of course declined.

Simon cooked a wonderful dinner and we had a loverly fruit platter with dragon fruit on it. The dragon fruit is a red colour it tastes much like a kiwi fruit.

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